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Plumbing Services

Installations, Repairs and Replacements

“If you consider the contribution of plumbing to human life, the other sciences fade into insignificance.”

― James P. Gorman

Plumbing Services in Montreal

Total Réno-Tech Inc. is your trusted Montreal area plumbing company, providing installations, repairs and replacements for commercial and residential properties. We also offer 24/7 emergency flood damage response as well as sewer and drain cleaning paired with outstanding customer care and a satisfaction guarantee.

Having Trouble with a clogged Drain? Contact Us!
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Plumbing & Flood Damage - Clogged Drain

Water should leave your bathtub or sink immediately. If your sink is filled with backed-up water which takes longer than usual to disappear you have a clogged drain.

Drain problems don’t happen overnight. They are caused by a gradual buildup of debris and residue in the pipes. That’s why no matter how small the problem may seem, contacting a certified plumber at the first signs of a slow drain can prevent hours of trouble and numerous expenses.

Some of the early signs of a clogged drain are as follows:

  • Slow drain in the toilet, sink or shower
  • Sewage odors seeping in your bathroom
  • Gurgling noises can be heard from the drain
  • The Toilet makes noise when the sink is drained
  • Water sounds like it’s running constantly
Plumbing - Clogged Drain

Emergency Plumbing & Flood Damage Control in Montreal

Have you ever noticed that plumbing emergencies rarely occur during business hours when you are sitting behind your desk looking for something to do? Pipes never seem to burst at 10:00 AM on a Monday morning, but they rather tend to sneak up on you and flood your home or office at 2:00 AM on a Sunday, waking you up and having you figure out a way to control the damage until you can find a plumber.

That is not a problem, since you can call Total Réno-Tech Inc. emergency plumber services in Montreal, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whether it is a small issue or a huge mess, we are always available to control the flood damage, when you need us.


Plumbing Services - Installation and Repair

No job is too big or small for our team. Our licensed plumbers & HVAC professionals in Montreal specialize in the installation and Repair of any:

  • Water Heaters
  • Pumps and Pumping Lines
  • Domestic Hot and Cold Piping
  • Drainage, Vents and Sewer Lines
  • Heat and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Showers, Bath Tubs, Toilets and Faucets
  • And more…
Plumbing Repair Installation
Plumbing Repair Installation

Our licensed plumbers provide the following services in Montreal:

  • Leak Detection and Plumbing Repairs
  • Camera Inspections and Official Reports
  • Excavation and French Drain Installation
  • Replacement of Old Galvanized Pipes with Copper or Authorized Polymeric Pipes
  • Replacement of Old Cast Iron Drain Pipes with Authorized Polymeric Pipes Connected to the Sewer Line
  • And more…

Camera Inspections And Official Reports

Are you having plumbing issues and not knowing where the source of the problem lies? Are you in the process of purchasing a new home in Montreal and want to make sure the drains and sewer pipes are in good condition? A sewer camera inspection from Total Réno-Tech Inc. can help you with that.

The process of finding the exact location of a plumbing problem can be exhausting and expensive. Traditional plumbers have to tear down your walls or dig up your lawn to figure out the root of an issue. But nowadays you can hire a specialist to conduct a real-time visual inspection of your underground sewer lines and other piping, using a specially designed waterproof video camera. Call us today to identify the cause and exact location of your plumbing problem without making a mess, for an affordable price in Montreal.

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