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Renovation Flooring

Flooring Project 2

Installation of moldings and replacing carpet floors with laminate and sand stain warmish stairs to match the floor color and theme. This renovation project,  in a duplex house in Verdun, was completed in 1 week....

Plumbing Project

Replacing Old Pipes

The main drain pipe was clogged and broke. After camera inspection we found out that the pipes of these building belong to 1948 and were made of clay. So we replaced them with ABS and also installed a backwater valve to prevent flooding....

Garage Plumbing Project

Garage Plumbing Project

In this project which was conducted in 2018, the garage floor, which was cracked at multiple locations, was completely removed and the plumbing system and pipes were fully renovated. As can be seen in the photos, a drain pipe was also installed at the entrance....

Pool Plumbing Project

Pool System Maintenance

Here you can see some photos from sample plumbing projects that have been successfully completed between 2014 and 2017. The main completed tasks include: 1. Home swimming pool system maintenance (2014); 2. Replacement of the main water line (2016); 3. Replacement of the main drain line, where all drain pipes are collected inside the building, and connected to the city drain line, in Côte-Vertu (2017); 4. Installation of an anti-flood back water valve on the main drain line, in Côte-Vertu (2017)....

Home Renovation Project

Home Improvement 3

This 2 story building in Côte-des-Neiges went through a complete home renovation process, and the basement which was previously only used for laundry and storage, was converted into 2 separate condos....