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Various Repairs & Installations

As can be seen in the photos, the following services were provided for these 4 project:

1. There was a pressure problem in one of our clients’ house located in Laval, so we installed a water pressure booster pump in their main water line. The pressure difference can be seen on the pressure gages in the photo.

2. Since the condo did not have plumbing for laundry, we added an additional plumbing line to make it possible to install laundry machines in their own condo.

3. We set up a new drain line for an additional bathroom to be installed in the basement. The plumbing line is equipped with a proper backwater valve for the drain branch.

4. An old heating furnace working with oil was removed from a three story building and replaced by an efficient electrical furnace to reduce the cost for fuel and maintenance in the east of Montreal.


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