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Garage Plumbing Project

Garage Plumbing Project

In this project which was conducted in 2018, the garage floor, which was cracked at multiple locations, was completely removed and the plumbing system and pipes were fully renovated. As can be seen in the photos, a drain pipe was also installed at the entrance....

Bathroom Renovation Project

Men’s Bathroom 16

In this innovative plumbing / bathroom renovation project, our team renovated the Men's bathroom of an Irish Pub in Old Dublin, Montreal. You can see photos from before, during and after the renovation. In only 4 days, we completely renovated the plumbing system, installed new tiling and most importantly, added new custom-made urinals. We designed these amazing urinals from beer barrels, had them built in a workshop and installed them for this project....

Home Renovation Project

Home Improvement 3

This 2 story building in Côte-des-Neiges went through a complete home renovation process, and the basement which was previously only used for laundry and storage, was converted into 2 separate condos....

Home Improvement Project 2

Home Improvement 2

This home improvement project took around 1 month to complete, during which the bathroom and kitchen were completely renovated, and the master bedroom got access to the bathroom,...

Home Improvement Project 1

Home Improvement 1

This 110 years old building with 2 stories and an uninhabitable basement in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal was in need of a complete home improvement. Project planning completed in 2018, and the work started by the end of Jan 2019. During the 3 months work, the 1st and 2nd stories of this building were fully renovated. Drywalls were removed, the bathrooms underwent a complete renovation and laundry space and air conditioning systems were added. Moreover, the location of one of the bedrooms was swapped...