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Renovation Flooring

Flooring Project 2

Installation of moldings and replacing carpet floors with laminate and sand stain warmish stairs to match the floor color and theme. This renovation project,  in a duplex house in Verdun, was completed in 1 week....

Bathroom Renovation Project

Men’s Bathroom 16

In this innovative plumbing / bathroom renovation project, our team renovated the Men's bathroom of an Irish Pub in Old Dublin, Montreal. You can see photos from before, during and after the renovation. In only 4 days, we completely renovated the plumbing system, installed new tiling and most importantly, added new custom-made urinals. We designed these amazing urinals from beer barrels, had them built in a workshop and installed them for this project....

Home Renovation Project

Home Improvement 3

This 2 story building in Côte-des-Neiges went through a complete home renovation process, and the basement which was previously only used for laundry and storage, was converted into 2 separate condos....

Home Improvement Project 2

Home Improvement 2

This home improvement project took around 1 month to complete, during which the bathroom and kitchen were completely renovated, and the master bedroom got access to the bathroom,...